Plaster (over artist’s old clothes), wood, acrylic, tempera, glove, yarn, paper, plastic, QR code
36’ x 40’x 4’

collected paper during quarentine, amazon white glue, acrylic paint
  5’ x 4’ x 5’

Unfolding & Refolding My Art History
2013 — 2021
installation dimensions variable
Graphite on Chinese paper, plaster (over the drawings), Chinese ink, wood

How Many Ways Do We Have

How Many Ways Do We Have is a participatory, community-based art project that requires participation from the audience. It welcomes any participants(regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class, religion) to reflect and express from the individual’s mind and body to his/hers/their community and beyond through the process of artmaking and installation. This project tends to celebrate both individuality and commonality, meanwhile enhancing community engagement by making, sharing, and exchanging creativity through direct and indirect ways of communication and collaboration. 
(please check instagram @howmanywaysdowehave)

acrylic, metal, tape, file cabinet, personal files with sound and LED
10’ x 8’ x 10’

          This multi-media installation is visible from inside and outside the exhibition space. While walking into the space, the viewers are immersed in saturated illuminations with sounds of water trickling throughout. Upon further inspection, the viewer will notice “CAUTION - DO NOT pull out more than one drawer at a time - FILE MAY TIP ”. Then they are confronted with startling lights and unexpected sounds.

Drawing into Space (and Time)

Wood, acrylic, canvas, fabric, world map, concrete, cardboard, plastic, foam, wire
site-specific installation- dimensions variable

Talking to the moon

mixed media